Why Rockwell?

Structural Integrity: Our standards are meant to inspire trust through quality. It’s about more than what you see when you walk through the door. It’s about a good night’s sleep, a utility bill you can live with and a home built to last. Every Rockwell exterior comes fully wrapped in Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Moisture Barrier. Beyond that all Windows and Doors are sealed with Window Wrap; a self-adhered membrane tape consisting of an Aluminized laminate top surface and a rubberized asphalt backing. Off-site construction begins with the promise of keeping Mother Nature’s harshness out of your home. Our building practices aim to keep it that way.

Value: We appreciate how hard you work to provide a home for your family. Our almost 300 team members here do the same. Our mission to provide the best customer experience and value to you starts with the understanding that our families want the same. Treating people like we want to be treated is fundamental in all we do. Value isn’t solely about price, but a fair price for a quality home is how we choose to do business. Give our family the opportunity to build your family’s home. You won’t be disappointed.